History of Condoms

a thousand BC

Very first utilization of some kind of condoms is often traced again several thousand a long time back again in history read more . It really is known that even the traditional Egyptians close to a thousand BC utilized a linen cloth while in the sort similar to condom to protect themselves against condition.

100-200 Advert

The earliest evidence of condom use in Europe arises from the cave drawings in Les Combarelles, France.

1500s- the sixteenth century

The initial known posted file, which is the outline and analyze of condom use being a prophylactic, was recorded in Italy. Gabrielle Fallopius claimed that he is the inventor of linen defense protect for that penis and that he executed the research in 1100 gentlemen who applied this safety. None of the one,a hundred adult men were being contaminated with syphilis. Obtaining identified the usefulness of condoms in defending from infection, it was only afterwards comprehended contraceptive job of condoms in avoiding being pregnant.

Within the sixteenth century 1st condom improvements ended up manufactured once the to start with flax fabric was soaked inside of a chemical alternative and dried just before use – that was the initial spermicidal condom.

Eighteenth century

Condoms manufactured from animal intestines appeared in use. Even so, they were really high priced which had the unfortunate cause reusing them – a condom was made use of various situations. This type of condom was explained at that time as “armor from enjoyment, a cobweb towards infection”.


Goodyear and Hancock began to mass-produce condoms built from vulcanized rubber. Vulcanization is actually a process that translates the uncooked rubber right into a powerful and resilient content.


1st ad for condoms appeared in U.S. newspapers if the Big apple Times published an advertisement for ‘Dr. Power’s French Preventatives’.


The Comstock’s legislation was adopted, named after Anthony Comstock. This law designed virtually any birth command advertising and marketing unlawful and in addition allowed the postal support to confiscate condoms bought by mail.


The first latex condom was developed despite the fact that latex condoms come to be broadly offered only until finally the thirties many years in the twentieth century. By 1935 one.five million condoms ended up getting manufactured on a daily basis from the United states. Latex is designed through the juice with the tree that grows generally in Asia and Brazil.

80’s and 90’s of XX century

80’s, condoms had been produced by couple producers, primarily from the United states of america. In 1987 Japanese Kimono brand name became out there to buyers. These condoms were being slender and effectively lubricated and in commercials satisfaction was emphasized alternatively than security.